Rudy Hartono: Losing because of Money, It's Less Festive

Kamis, 15 September 2011

Rudy Hartono: Losing because of Money, It's Less Festive - Maestro badminton, Rudy Hartono, said an athlete's sense of nationalism will be seen when playing. It will be seen when he bejuang desperately to defend his country.

"The sense of nationalism that will come to light when athletes want desperately to defend the country without thought of return," said Rudy, who won the All England eight times this.

That, he says, can be seen when athletes competed in world championships, the SEA Games, Asian Games, the Olympics or other official competitions. An athlete will feel proud when the country's flag was unfurled and the national anthem was played. They are very satisfied has undertaken the responsibility for it the name of the nation.

However, the former Chairman of Development of Achievement PB PBSI said his condition has changed at this time. The development could erode the sense of the nationalist era.

He cited the current athletes often promised a specific gift or some money if scores. According to Rudy, it can damage the sense of nationalism. "If the gift becomes the motivation for his best achievement was good. Just do not over money to be lost, it's brash," said the man was born in Surabaya, August 18, 1949 this.

According to him, if the gift is seen as a motivation to spur achievement by doing the best preparation can mean positive. "However, sometimes even make athletes think was the runner-up was still able to reward, it is wrong," said the 1980 world champion.

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