Rooney equated greatness with Pele

Jumat, 16 September 2011

Rooney equated greatness with Pele - The sharpness of Wayne Rooney in the last few games with both Manchester United and England national team, reaping praise from some circles. Greatness Rooney even aligned with Brazilian maestro Pele.

This assumption was made manager of The Red Devils Sir Alex Ferguson. He considered Rooney is a breath of Manchester United, as a pillar Like the Brazilian Pele.

"Look at Pele. He is a striker who is very aggressive and can take care of herself. As is the case with Rooney. There are such similarities in strength, speed, and determination," said Fergie.

Greatness Rooney also is making the opponent flinch stronghold. No exception Benfica, who will be the enemy of MU in the first game Champions League on Wednesday (09/14/2011).

Benfica coach, Jorge Jesus, even to say Rooney is a player who is better suited figure comes from 'Brazil or Argentina' rather than from England.

Fergie also agrees that Rooney did have the ability above average. "Wayne is a typical English player. But there are English players who also have great qualities, such as (Paul) Gascoigne, George Best, Bobby Charlton and Denis Law," said Fergie.

In addition to praise the talents of Rooney, Fergie also lauds the work ethic the former Everton player. According to Fergie, work ethic and talent that makes the difference Rooney from other players in the Premier League.

"He has great courage. He wants to play all the time. He has incredible stamina for the extra exercise to hone the talent he has," said Fergie.

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aku tak hanya suka ama pemain nya,..
manchester united dah jadi jiwa ku,..
team yg top sepanjang masa,.. :)

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