Eto'o and Sharapova Will Present at Bandung

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Eto'o and Sharapova Will Present at Bandung - Two famous athletes planned presence in Indonesia. Is a footballer, Samuel Eto'o, and women's tennis player, Maria Sharapova, who is ready to visit the city of flowers, Bandung.

A pride if both athletes are really coming to Indonesia. They will be present at an event entitled "Tunza International Children and Youth Conference On the Environment 2011"

Eto'o is a footballer from Cameroon who now defend the Russian side, Anzhi Mackhachkala. Meanwhile, Maria Sharapova is a Russian tennis player who has several times won the grand slam tournaments.

This event is implemented by the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Environment (MoE) with United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) on 27 September to 1 October 2011 in Bandung.

Tunza conference is an International Conference which was followed by children (10-14 years) and youth (15-25 years) from all over the country and held every 2 years. The purpose of this conference is to raise awareness and consciousness of the world's youth about the importance of the Green Economy / Green Lifestyles, Forests, Sustainable Consumption and State of the Global Environment.

Expected to grow a sense of high concern for the environment through education, cooperation and information exchange. The results of this activity will be a declaration that will be called the Bandung Declaration and the input of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development "Rio +20", as the position of a young generation of the world for the RIO +20 Sustainable Development.

Tunza Programme aims to provide information and instruments for the younger generation about how to "treat Mother Earth with care" and how to act for a better world. Tunza comes from the Kiswahili language, which means "treat with care or affection".

Minister of Environment, Prof.. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Gusti Hatta, MS stated that Indonesia was honored to host.

"Many countries are lining up to host, but we are honored. This event will be attended by journalists from around the world. We have to be a good host," said Gusti in the office of the Ministry of Environment.

"Minutes later the plan will be attended by the film star, Jackie Chan and the two athletes of the world, Maria Sharapova and Samuel Eto'o," he concluded.

Rooney equated greatness with Pele

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Rooney equated greatness with Pele - The sharpness of Wayne Rooney in the last few games with both Manchester United and England national team, reaping praise from some circles. Greatness Rooney even aligned with Brazilian maestro Pele.

This assumption was made manager of The Red Devils Sir Alex Ferguson. He considered Rooney is a breath of Manchester United, as a pillar Like the Brazilian Pele.

"Look at Pele. He is a striker who is very aggressive and can take care of herself. As is the case with Rooney. There are such similarities in strength, speed, and determination," said Fergie.

Greatness Rooney also is making the opponent flinch stronghold. No exception Benfica, who will be the enemy of MU in the first game Champions League on Wednesday (09/14/2011).

Benfica coach, Jorge Jesus, even to say Rooney is a player who is better suited figure comes from 'Brazil or Argentina' rather than from England.

Fergie also agrees that Rooney did have the ability above average. "Wayne is a typical English player. But there are English players who also have great qualities, such as (Paul) Gascoigne, George Best, Bobby Charlton and Denis Law," said Fergie.

In addition to praise the talents of Rooney, Fergie also lauds the work ethic the former Everton player. According to Fergie, work ethic and talent that makes the difference Rooney from other players in the Premier League.

"He has great courage. He wants to play all the time. He has incredible stamina for the extra exercise to hone the talent he has," said Fergie.

Rudy Hartono: Losing because of Money, It's Less Festive

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Rudy Hartono: Losing because of Money, It's Less Festive - Maestro badminton, Rudy Hartono, said an athlete's sense of nationalism will be seen when playing. It will be seen when he bejuang desperately to defend his country.

"The sense of nationalism that will come to light when athletes want desperately to defend the country without thought of return," said Rudy, who won the All England eight times this.

That, he says, can be seen when athletes competed in world championships, the SEA Games, Asian Games, the Olympics or other official competitions. An athlete will feel proud when the country's flag was unfurled and the national anthem was played. They are very satisfied has undertaken the responsibility for it the name of the nation.

However, the former Chairman of Development of Achievement PB PBSI said his condition has changed at this time. The development could erode the sense of the nationalist era.

He cited the current athletes often promised a specific gift or some money if scores. According to Rudy, it can damage the sense of nationalism. "If the gift becomes the motivation for his best achievement was good. Just do not over money to be lost, it's brash," said the man was born in Surabaya, August 18, 1949 this.

According to him, if the gift is seen as a motivation to spur achievement by doing the best preparation can mean positive. "However, sometimes even make athletes think was the runner-up was still able to reward, it is wrong," said the 1980 world champion.

Workers Strike, World Cup Preparation Impaired

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Workers Strike, World Cup Preparation Impaired - Workers at Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's biggest venue where the 2014 World Cup, will continue the strike which has lasted for 13 days. Strike the second time in the past month, followed by about 2,300 people. They demand health facilities, improved meal service and a more adequate security controls.

Workers' strike at Rio was widened to various places in the country, including in southern Belo Horizonte and Salvador de Bahia in the north. The attitude of the workers were making preparation for the World Cup facilities to be delayed. Whereas previous FIFA has called for the construction of such facilities do not seem slow during this time.

President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff said late last month, the World Cup facilities workmanship carried out concurrently with the country's preparations to host the 2016 Olympics. Jobs accounted for completion in 2012.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Labour Union Nilson Duarte told AFP that "it is known to strike when" and he appealed to a consortium of construction giant Odebrecht, Andrade Gutierrez and Construcciones Delta, again held talks with them.

In a statement the consortium said there was no reason for doing this. However officials said the consortium plans providing health facilities for workers will soon be prepared and the plan will take effect on 1 September
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